How To Choose A Good Dissertation Topic

Getting a Ph.D. in Psychology is going to give you an edge in your field. This is why it's not surprising that many psychologists prefer to get a doctorate to build a reputation in the industry. Well, picking your dissertation topic is going to be a crucial part of your program. There are many possible topics you can pick for your thesis, but you need to make sure that your topic is something you can develop throughout the research process.

Top 10 Topics for Your Psychology Thesis

  1. The relationship between emotion, anxiety disorder, and social cognition.
  2. The role of cross-modulation and feedback in processing information: to what extent does the modular view influence brain activity.
  3. What role does face stimuli play in assessing the development of ventral pathways in the human brain from childhood to adulthood?
  4. How culture influences conversational understanding when children don't always communicate with others.
  5. The role of positive relationships in shaping the minds and cognitive development of young children.
  6. How much influence do objective techniques of measurement have on theoretical methods of measuring consciousness?
  7. The role of rational thinking and impulsivity in decision making and personality.
  8. The role of technology in the classroom and how it affects cognitive development.
  9. How biological and cultural growth affects the development of a child.
  10. Social-economic status influences access to therapy for mental health challenges.

The ten topics above can serve as excellent choices for your thesis. However, you may get a little confused when it's time to pick one. Keep in mind that the psychology thesis topic you pick has to be something that can contribute to already existing knowledge in the discipline. Make sure that there is enough secondary research on the topic and that conducting primary research isn't going to be difficult. Also, it needs to have a solid rationale that closes a gap in the literature. You'll have to conduct your study to support an existing hypothesis.

Make sure that the topic you choose is something you find interesting. You're going to be working on it for a long time, so the last thing you need is to get bored after a few weeks or months. While you should stick to something interesting, try to make sure that you can stay objective throughout the research. If you're too close to the topic, objectivity may be out of the question. Research as much as you can before you pick a topic. Find out what other people in the discipline are saying about the topic.

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